Why the Antidote?

Antidote: A medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc. (Dictionary.com)

Antidote Conference: a two-day summit of talks, calming & engaging activities, workshops & entertainment to turn Survivors' lives & finances around!


The mission of The Antidote Conference is to inform, uplift, and equip Survivors of interpersonal violence by bringing together and making available psychological, legal, and financial information and support services to help them reclaim their lives, strive for justice, and enhance their finances. 


1.) Set interpersonal violence Survivors FREE!!! 

2.) Create a national psychological, legal & financial recovery safety net for Survivors

3.) Hasten professional & legal accountability for those sworn to aid Survivors

Day 1

  • Mindfulness Meditation Exercises
  • Survivors' Panel w/ Trauma Therapists
  • Child Abuse Survivors' Restorative Panel
  • Male Mental Health Panel & Workshop
  • Creatively Therapeutic workshops
  • Legal workshop
  • Financial workshop

Day 2

  • Interfaith & Culture Panel
  • Intimacy Reintegration Panel
  • Age-Appropriate Preventative Education for Youths
  • Cyber Safety
  • Creative Therapies: art, writing, speaking, barbershop
  • Outdoor Adventures & Self-Defense

Day 2 (evening)

  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Contests, Raffles & Prizes!!
  • Mindfulness Meditation & WOOSAH
  • Entertainment

Speakers & Workshop Leaders


Broadway Star & 

Host of The Antidote Conference

Director of the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund w/ the National Women's Law Center

G.R. Survivor & Creator of 

Set The Expectation

Champion of Survivors & Long Beach Commission on Women & Girls

Tasnim Sulaiman (Founder)  & Douglas McNeill Reed

Antidote Conference Co-Founder & Co-Director

D.V. Survivor, Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner & Anti-Asian Hate Activist

Trauma-Informed Healing Artist


Let us know if you'll be attending!


Stephanie M. Mosley 

(Creator, Founder & Director)

Stephanie M. Mosley is a Multiple-IPV Survivor, Scholar, Screenwriter, Actor/Singer, and Philanthropic Activist in Los Angeles, CA, originally from Mobile, AL. She is a Graduate Student within Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education & Psychology, with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship & Change. Stephanie is determined to infuse life, hope, joy, resources, and services into survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and sex trafficking around the nation and world so that they can build a stronger foundation for their individual futures that is full of peace, self-love, joy, and hope. This widespread healing will be shared within a unique event called The Antidote Conference, of which Stephanie is the Executive Director. 

Stephanie is also a leader who educates the masses about how to infuse Historical Empathy into our society to heal the generational wounds of racial biases within our economy and governance through a unique liberation pedagogy, called The Black Alliance Transformation. It is with hope that this unique learning experience can provide a stronger foundation for our nation’s morale to be rebuilt upon. Stephanie's efforts are also dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of foster youths and unhoused adults.